Tips to Purchase with Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) anonymously

Do you want to use bitcoin anonymously on tor links? You have to pay attention to each transaction. Try to keep things private and anonymous. It is crucial to close the possible doors to track the physical movements of cryptocurrency. Here are some steps that will help you to use bitcoins anonymously.

Set up a Wallet

Before purchasing a bitcoin, you will need a secure place to keep them. In this situation, you can use a bitcoin wallet to store your bitcoins and get a safe place to hold private keys. Keep it in mind that bitcoin wallets are different. You can find different types of wallets.
Hot (software) wallets are the most popular types of wallets. These are available in different versions. You can access them from a mobile app, a web browser or a desktop. Wallets running at a device can be more secure because their vulnerability to hackers is limited. For these wallets, you will need a regular back up. Cloud-based wallets may not offer a similar level of security, but you can get the advantage of automatic backups.
To use a software wallet, you have to pay attention to its security. You should find out if it has an app or not. A wallet must have a compatible app for your devices. From a secure wallet, you can make transactions anonymously on tor sites.
If you want maximum security, feel free to choose a hardware wallet. For instance, TREZOR Ledger can be a suitable choice. You can get cold storage on your separate device, just like a USB key. It is vital to have access to private keys to use this wallet.
These wallets can be expensive, but a few are available in $100. If you want to deal with a vast number of bitcoins, you must buy a secure wallet. In numerous cases, you will need multiple wallets for mixing. It is essential to use these coins on tor links. Make sure to set up an anonymous wallet to receive bitcoins after mixing.
In short, software wallets will help you to deal with dark web transactions. Hardware wallets are great for long-term storage of massive amounts.
Purchase Bitcoin
Different options are available to purchase your bitcoin. Every method to buy bitcoins may vary because of risk, cost and privacy. See these methods.
Coin Exchange
If you need a simple method, you can try a coin exchange. In this situation, you will get coins on the payment details of another party. It can’t be an anonymous method. To obtain anonymity, you have to mix coins and get the desired results.
Popular exchanges to purchase bitcoin are Bittrex, Kraken and Coinbase. After buying bitcoins through credit card and bank account, you may send them to your wallet’s address.

Direct Purchase from Sellers

You can purchase directly from sellers. Private sellers can be an anonymous option to buy bitcoins. Some websites enable you to connect with bitcoin sellers. Along with privacy, you will be able to get bitcoins at a better rate. They are easy to exchange and may be risky because you don’t know the sellers.

Bitcoin ATM

If you have a Bitcoin ATM near you, it can be a great option to purchase bitcoins. You will not need any verification or ID for these transactions. To buy bitcoin, insert cash and provide the address of your wallet. These are easy, but you have to pay a hefty transaction fee. Remember, these locations have cameras to monitor the area. For this reason, you can’t expect anonymity with this method.

Mix Coins

If you want to make bitcoin anonymous, you have to mix them. This process is known as coin laundering or tumbling. It requires you to mix coins from different parties. During this process, you can easily break a connection between the receiver and sender of the bitcoins. For this reason, it can difficult to trace transactions on tor sites with these bitcoins.
You can mix these coins with clearweb services. This method is not private; therefore, try to use the Tor browser. In Tor Browser, you have to search mixing service sites. A famous one is the Bitcoin Blender .onion site.
Feel free to create an anonymous wallet with the use of a burner email address through Mailinator. You can use it as an intermediary wallet. In this situation, you will not send funds directly from a market wallet to your selected mixing service. Make sure to access this wallet with Tor.
Increase funds in your intermediary wallet by sending coins from a market wallet. Use one new burner email to create a 3rd wallet in Tor browser. It must have a different password. Feel free to use this wallet as your final destination for bitcoins. Create separate addresses to split bitcoin between wallets randomly. It will help you to make the process anonymous.

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