Private Cryptocurrencies for the Dark Web

Cryptocurrencies are becoming famous because of different factors, such as privacy, anonymity and tor links. With cryptocurrency networks, it becomes easy for users to conceal their identities and transactions. It will help you to avoid increasing concerns about data privacy.
The cryptocurrencies founders are working to decrease threats on user privacy. If you want to purchase from tor sites, you have to buy cryptocurrencies. Different types of currencies are available in the market. Each currency has some built-in features. They offer fool-proof and enhanced security to conceal the identities of users. See these popular types of currencies for dark web markets.


Dash is a fork of Bitcoin to CoinJoin anonymization. Keep it in mind that Dash is a fusion of two words “Digital Cash”. It is a privacy-centric currency for a strategy known as PrivateSend (DarkSend) to anonymize each transaction.
It mystifies the details of transactions by mixing transactions of different participants and projects them as one transaction. For instance, Dash can mix up transactions from A – Z, B – Y and C – X. After mixing, these will appear on blockchain as A to Z.
This procedure ensures to increase your anonymity. People will not know about the person who transferred coins to other participants. You must have almost three transactions for a CoinJoin mixing. The rank of Dash is 14 in the list of cryptocurrency with $1.26 billion by marketcap. Its exchange rate is almost $153.19 against the USD.

XMR (Monero)

Monero is another famous currency. This cryptocurrency is renowned for use on tor links. Its adoption and popularity are increasing in the virtual world because of its anonymization characteristics.
XMR transactions are untraceable and un-linkable because it depends on specific concepts, such as stealth addresses and ring signatures. In this way, it can conceal your identity. Moreover, RingCT (Ring Confidential Transactions) can hide the amount of transaction for complete anonymity.
Moreover, the mining procedure for this currency depends on a democratic concept. It means all people deserve equivalent opportunities. Monero supports a secure mining procedure and gives rewards to individuals for their activities. You have to join mining pools to get rewards. You can mine this currency individually.
You can use a standard computer for monero mining. It doesn’t need particular hardware, such as ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits). This currency can run on all prominent platforms, such as FreeBSD, Android, Linux, macOS and Windows.
Ring signatures allow senders to hide his identity from other people in a group. These are anonymous digital signatures from each member of a group. Other people can’t identify these signatures. To generate this signature, this platform uses a fusion of account keys of a sender and clubs these keys with some public keys. These keys are available on the blockchain.

XVG (Verge)

Verge banks don’t rely on cryptographic techniques. They use the modern, tested technology of TOR (The Onion Router) and I2P (Invisible Internet Project) to protect your identities. For any transaction on tor sites, you can use Verge.
TOR bounces the communications of users on a distributed network of tunnels and relays run by volunteers. These volunteers are working all over the world to hide the identity of a user. With I2P, data of users is encrypted before sending it through a volunteer-run, peer-to-peer, anonymous globally distributed network.
It permits you to hide the location and IP address of the people involved in a transaction. Verge made headlines recently because an adult website adopted this currency to accept cryptocurrency payments. A pornhub partnership increased the price of Verge cryptocurrency.

ZEC (ZCash)

ZCash is similar to Bitcoin in the form of http for money. ZEC is https to increase privacy and security features. This currency implemented a Zero-Knowledge Proof (cryptographic tool) and allowed participants to protect their transaction.
Participants can transact without revealing any address. With Zer-Knowledge proof, you can obfuscate the amount of transaction. It is ranked on 19th number in the list of cryptocurrencies. For tor links, Zcash can be a useful currency. This currency was designed to respond to the flaws of bitcoins. It depends on the similar algorithm of bitcoin with some improvements.
It can eschew the radical transparency of blockchain for nuanced implementation. Remember, this implementation may reveal the transaction data of users selectively. You can get the advantage of better privacy with this currency. For validation and verification of transactions, it uses zero-knowledge proofs.

BTCP (Bitcoin Private)

For tor sites, Bitcoin private can be a unique fork-merge. It is a fusion of two famous cryptocurrencies: ZClassic and Bitcoin. This merge occurred on 28th February 2018. Its basic net was launched on 3rd March.
BTCP (Bitcoin Private) is a great attempt to combine the popularity and security of Bitcoin with some privacy features. Zclassic is famous for its unique privacy features. It is a fork of ZCash and offers similar privacy features.

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